Diana's Photo Expressions | Availability


Weekdays (Monday through Friday):


I typically book weekday sessions between hours of 10-3 and 5-7ish depending on the time of the year...


Plan for a one hour time frame for all milestone and family sessions, but it will most likely not last an hour. Newborn sessions are typically scheduled at noon on weekdays and I block off three hours for these sessions, but it typically does not last that long.  Please consider your child’s nap times, eating schedules, and ‘happy’ times when you book your session.




Weekends (Saturday and Sunday):


I schedule various weekend dates but work around my family schedule and kids' activities.  I book last minute as well as months in advance (depending on your personality...) I do try to adjust my calendar as needed to reflect that my priority is my family schedule first, as well as considering your schedule and activities. ;) 




Outdoor sessions are awesome for natural lighting and variety of looks within a gallery.  With ‘outdoors,’ there is always some unexpected weather element to deal with as rarely are all elements picture perfect!  I have various locations that I use to deal with wet (dew) ground, windy days, etc.  If you’re wanting outdoors, just plan accordingly with clothing (for either hot or cold).  If your scheduled day is rainy, studio is always an option as a backup plan but I totally understand if you don’t want this, so just let me know.  I’ve found it doesn’t help to check forecasts days in advance as you never know.  If possible, I prefer to decide the day of (or touch base the day before) if rain is looking like a possibility for your scheduled time.  


Outdoor locations vary year to year based on the elements.  Typically, you’ll meet at my house and we will head to a nearby spot that I have picked out.  If you have something specific that you’d like (or are hoping for), please let me know in advance.  Any milestone sessions (or others) that are a combo of studio/outdoors will take place at my house—backyard for outside and studio for inside.