Diana's Photo Expressions | Outdoor Locations


I am constantly in search of the 'perfect' outdoor locations that are within minutes of my home!  This changes on a yearly and seasonal basis and is also dependent on the time of day.  I actually do many sessions literally in our backyard at our home.  With Big Creek, Saylorville and Jester Park close by, there are always a number of great options with lots of different outdoorsy looks!  My goal is always to find a place that is no longer than a five minute drive from my house... and I have many!!  They include the ever popular 'bridge' and walking path, gorgeous fields, beach areas, and lots of colorful trees in the fall.  I don't hit the popular downtown spots, parks that many photographers flock to, or drive long distances for my outdoor sessions for a number of reasons.  


Occasionally I will travel to a location that is a longer commute for me, but I charge an additional fee.  If you have a specific 'look' for your outdoor session you want, please don't hesitate to tell me and I'll consider the possibilities that I have nearby my home.  Typically, all of my outdoor sessions will start at our home (304 N. Apache, Polk City) as a central meeting spot for everyone.