Diana's Photo Expressions | Digital Files



Do I have access to the digital files?

Yes!  I offer digital files!  As a matter of fact, ALL of my sessions include digital files with a print release.  Each session includes a 'no expiration' online gallery that is linked to affordable prints and is also set to download the high-resolution digital files.  At the end of your first session with me, I will show you how you can quickly and easily download from the gallery and use www.mpix.com for your prints.


I encourage you to make prints (up to an 8x10) to your heart's content!  For prints larger than an 8x10 or canvas gallery wraps, I appreciate you ordering through me so I can ensure a professional finish and perfection for displaying your most valuable 'art' in your home!

I'm replacing CDs this year with custom flash drives (includes same high-resolution images from gallery)!! Add on $30 to your session package pricing if you'd like your files on a flash drive mailed to you.  Your custom flash drive will be mailed directly to you within three weeks of your session.  A CD is still an option for the same price.



Where can I print my pictures?

PLEASE take my professional advice and use www.mpix.com for making your prints!  It's affordable, reliable, consistent, user-friendly, etc.  Your prints that you display and show to others reflect my work AND I want you to have the best quality possible!  If you're paying $$$ for your 'picture outfits' and $$$ for your session, why would you choose to scrimp on the quality of your images for your final product?  As a matter of fact, mpix prices are probably cheaper than most! There is a huge difference in quality between mpix, walmart, walgreens, snapfish, shutterfly, etc... I promise!  I've done the work, I've seen the difference, I've compared the quality of prints, so just trust me on this one ;)  If you choose not to use mpix (for whatever crazy reason), then yes, I will give you a print release to make your own prints elsewhere, but please note that quality and color will most likely be 'off' and not be the best prints possible.

Of course, ordering all of your prints (through your online gallery or contacting me) is ALWAYS an option!  I guarantee all of my prints to be of the highest professional quality!


Are my files edited?

YES!  All files in the online galleries are fully edited, cropped and ready to print!  Editing is a creative finish that differs from every photographer.  I choose to edit all of my photos in the most natural way possible.  What does that mean?  I do consider positioning, angles and poses to get everyone at the most flattering angles.  I do edit out blemishes or bruises if needed.  I do some smoothing out of lines and wrinkles but I don't like to 'over' edit simply because I think it looks unnatural.  I love to use natural lighting (when possible) and camera settings to create a great image.  I don't swap heads to create the 'perfect' picture.  All images on my facebook page and on my website are reflective of the style of editing that my finished galleries have!

Please note, that your files are edited by me and a reflection of my work.  The finished digital files are NOT to be altered or edited in any way without my consent.  If you have a question about this, please don't hesitate to ask.