Diana's Photo Expressions | Investment

What does your investment in my photography include?


Each anniversary of my business, I reflect on many aspects, set goals and re-evaluate my pricing.  To anyone who has not had their own small business, this might seem like a simple task.  It’s quite a process that involves research of other photographers’ pricing and what they offer, my own cost of doing business, and reflection of what I offer for my clients who I consider friends. 


Since my business began in the fall of 2008, I’ve invested lots of time, money, and experience to provide a custom photography experience for families that I’m proud of and continually strive to improve.


I have invested in educational videos for newborn photography.  I continually invest in new props, backdrops and my ever-growing collection of blankets, hats and accessories that are available to my little models.  Ensuring I have state of the art camera equipment (for both studio and outdoor sessions) and technology (computer and software) is also a business investment that factors into cost.  Paying taxes and lots of other 'not so fun stuff' also add up and are included in the cost of running a business.


Your investment includes a huge variety of images within a gallery of high-resolution files that document milestones and moments of your family.  My goal is to not only provide you with beautiful images that will be lifelong keepsakes, but also an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your family.