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The 'SIMPLIFY' intro

April 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In January 2015, I decided against New Year's Resolutions (because I feel like I just set myself up to fail) and decided to focus on a word for the year.  I read blogs, I talked to friends and thought about it for a few weeks.  I doodled a few different words as I was debating what 'my word' was going to be and decided I really liked how the "SIMPLIFY" word looked and it was fun to write!  For me, I wanted a word that I found inspiring and encouraging but also something that could 'umbrella' many topics I've started to focus on the past few years.  So, in essence, it's like my mission statement.


I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to certain aspects of my life and well, that's exhausting and pretty hard to live up to.  I also have this creative gene in me with wild, crazy thoughts in a million different directions, yet have another aspect of myself that I consider a very 'Type A' personality.  So, I'm not sure where this combo is really categorized but I'm sure once I get going on my blog posts, it will all start to make sense or I'll just sound completely crazy!  


Along my creative lines, I then somehow felt the urge to have a logo (or a symbol) to go along with my word.  I know, totally backwards to this simplify thing right?!  The idea of a star as my 'logo' and reminder to simplify seemed like the perfect fit.  To me, the star represents simplicity, but it also represents five points.  It's sounding so simple right?! :)  I immediately came up with five overlying topics that I've either been working on or want to work on with simplifying in my own life (and family).  They are:

1. Home Organization, Projects & Decor

2. Finances & Shopping

3. Meal Planning, Diet & Exercise

4. Schedules, Activities & Balance

5. Business, Photography & Working for Yourself


Sometimes the star point of emphasis will be on #1 and sometimes it will be on #5, etc...such as life right?!  Over the past few months, I've had many simplified changes and I'm super excited about them.  I've read quite a few books (which is pretty much a first for me) and also follow some pretty inspiring blogs.  I'm looking forward to channeling my thoughts, ideas, creativity and findings in my blog for my own entertainment purposes but would love it if it inspires you in these aspects of your life!


Since I tend to be a perfectionist (at least in this type of a published format), I'm setting out a few rules for myself for this blog:

1.  Keep with the simple theme!  There may be grammatical errors, spelling errors or just random run on sentences...that's ok!  I'm not a paid blogger.  I'm not trying to start any new business with this blog.

2.  All pictures posted on my blog will be from my iPhone.  YES, keeping it simple and easy!  I don't want this to feel like more 'work' or get wrapped up into the perfectionist details of editing, composition or the perfect idealistic picture to display.  

3.  This blog will not be another stress or thing on my 'things to do' list.  It's ok if there's five entries one week and zero the next.  Whenever I feel like blogging is when it's gonna happen!


Now that you know the focus of my blog and the rules I've set out for myself, I look forward to sharing my experiences and journey with you!  Have you thought of your 'word' that you might concentrate on?  You don't have to wait until the new year to come up with your word!  On my quick google review, here are some of the pages I referred to when I was choosing my word:





Cheers!  (It's Friday and it's happy hour...)



(P.S. I'm currently obsessing over how to perfect the banner pic at the top of my page.  I stuck to my 'taken with the iPhone rule.'  I'm coming back to this one later because it doesn't have to be perfect, right?!  Clicking 'publish.' )



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