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Unfinished projects!

May 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In an effort to regain some space, sanity, and just cross some things off the list that have been there for a few weeks, or months or...hmmm...possibly  a year (or two) or let's just say awhile.  I've also deemed this the year of finishing the unfinished projects around the house!  I would like to think I'm not the only one who has a number of these potential projects hiding around the house?!  Or is that just a 'creative person' kind of a thing? 


The pattern typically goes like this:

1.  Idea hits (by either seeing something online, in a magazine or in a store).

2.  Must buy/gather stuff to do the awesome project.

3.  Gotta be 'in the mood for projecting and creativity' to start and complete the project.

4.  Project may get started or maybe the mood just never hits.

5.  Stuff sits in a pile or piles around the house either partially finished or waiting to be inspired to start the project.

6.  Get sidetracked on a new idea and the cycle starts again!  Thus, a 'few' unfinished projects are in various stages around the house.


So, one of the projects I had on my list was to switch out the decor on our dresser in our bedroom.  I didn't take a before picture but let me describe what was there--dusty, out of date, fake things sticking out of my containers.  At one time, I thought they looked great.  After all, I put them together.  However, they'd gotten to the point, that every time I looked at them, I was annoyed and kept thinking how I needed to replace them.  Yet, for some reason, I just kept putting off the project.  A few months ago, I found new 'fake things' that I liked and actually spent the hour needed to create my new updated decor.  I love them.  I wonder how long it will be before they are dusty and getting on my nerves?  HA!  But for now, I'm loving the subtle change and new look.  Thus, here is the reveal of my NEW fake things sticking out of my containers!  I found these in a big 'clump' in the discount section at Menards.  I cut them apart, got some green foam at Michaels (put some rocks in the bottom to secure and add weight) and then topped off the inside with some green mossy stuff (also from Michaels).  For now, my updated look is bringing me joy every time I look at them.  I should have switched these out a long time ago!

Another project that has been on the list for a long time--like a few years long time--were these shelves that we just hung in our hallway bathroom:

I think the metal brackets that are holding the shelves have been in my 'decor stash' for longer than I'd like to admit.  I got them at Hobby Lobby a looong time ago because I liked them.  I really had no vision for them but figured I would be inspired.  So as I was going through my 'getting rid of stuff in the junk closet' project, I was debating if they were a 'keep' or 'get rid of' item.  And it all came together....

A few years ago, I bought an old vintage dresser with the vision to have this as a vanity in the bathroom.  Hubby was on board with the project (always the first hurdle) and together we came up with the vision and he did the handiwork.  He reconfigured the dresser, took off the top board, and we custom ordered our sink from a local hardware store (Lowes I think).

The intent has always been that we would use that top part of the dresser for these shelves.  But I think after the final completion of the bathroom redo (paint, shower curtain creation, dresser sink, etc), we were just DONE!  So for the past few years, this large piece of wood has been sitting in the garage.  I reminded hubby of the project and he was on it--cut the piece into two long shelf sizes and attached the brackets.  Anyway, I think we're officially done with the bathroom project now--just a few years after we started:)

Another unfinished wood project is taking up space out in the garage right now (see below).  These are pieces that need to go on a dresser that is in our house.  It's a mirror frame (need to find a custom mirror to put in here) and some 'handkerchief drawers' (I think that's what they are called).  My mom gave us the dresser but hadn't done the woodwork refinishing on these pieces.  This project will hopefully be completed by the end of this summer:

Here's the dresser (see below).  No, it does not have hardware.  I want something contemporary (new).  Hubby thinks we need to put the original pieces back on (because he's cheap?).  I think we just need to make a decision and finish the project!  So, one of the 'finishing the unfinished projects' on the list that we will complete hopefully soon will be the dresser with the pieces that go on top (currently taking up space in the garage) and then getting hardware put on.  Maybe then, we can actually use the dresser for storage!  It currently just looks 'pretty' with no purpose as all of the drawers are empty.

Speaking of hardware for a dresser, this remind me--I bought silver knobs to replace white knobs on a dresser in Nolan's room on his bedroom redo from awhile ago.  Maybe I should tackle that unfinished project too!  After all, that one might only take 30 minutes and I could even have Nolan help me!


What unfinished projects do you have on your list?  I had quite a few other unfinished projects in my 'junk closet' but made the decision to get rid of quite a few of those.  Was I realistically going to do these projects?  Sometimes just getting rid of some of that stuff helps get rid of the guilt of just never getting it done and it regained quite a bit of storage space for me too!

Cheers to finishing the unfinished projects (or getting rid of the ones you'll never finish)!



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